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I am Alexander FufaeV, your contact person here! In this wondrous world, you will find plenty of valuable knowledge about our universe. Acquire knowledge in the most important sciences of humanity: Physics, mathematics, computer science and so on and learn the skill of research, teaching and learning. These abilities will give you the power to influence our world positively; as well as to advance the humanity scientifically and at the same time to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Go and discover the Universaldenker world full of lessons, educational videos, quests, formulas and illustrations. You also can help enrich the Universaldenker world with your knowledge and your creativity.

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Video Level 3

Differential Equations explained simply in 47 minutes!

Differential equations

In this Lecture you will learn to classify and to solve arbitrary differential equations (ODE / PDE) in 42 minutes.

Content of the video
  1. [00:16] Why do I need differential equations?
  2. [00:47​] What is a differential equation?
  3. [03:41​] Different notations of a differential equation
  4. [05:19​] What should I do with a differential equation?
  5. [06:31​] How to identify a differential equation
  6. [07:28​] What are coupled differential equations?
  7. [08:53​] Classification: Which DEQ types are there?
  8. [16:05​] What are DEQ constraints?
  9. [18:24] Difference between boundary and initial conditions
  10. [20:55​] Solving method #1: Separation of variables
  11. [21:08​] Example: Radioactive Decay law
  12. [22:50​] Solving method #2: Variation of constants
  13. [25:59​] Example: RL Circuit
  14. [29:14​] Solving method #3: Exponential ansatz
  15. [34:50​] Example: Oscillating Spring
  16. [41:15​] Solving method #4: Product / Separation ansatz
Lesson Level 3

Differential equations (DEQ): Important basics + 4 solving methods

Differentialgleichungen - Klassifizierung

Here you will learn the basics of differential equations (DGL), what types there are (ordinary, partial, linear, homogeneous) and 4 solving methods (separation of variables, variation of constants, exponential and separation ansatz).

Video Level 2

Ohm's law explained simply in 13 minutes!


Here you will learn how to recognize Ohm's Law in a U-I diagram and how to apply the associated URI formula. Three examples are covered.

Content of the video
  1. [00:00] Hello there!
  2. [00:44] The 1st ingredient: Voltage
  3. [01:30] The 2nd ingredient: Electrical conductor
  4. [01:57] The 3rd ingredient: Electric current
  5. [03:28] Data points and Ohm's law as a graph
  6. [05:58] Ohmic conductors
  7. [06:44] Slope of the graph
  8. [07:52] Ohm's law as a formula
  9. [10:10] Electrical resistance
  10. [10:16] Example #1: Resistance unknown
  11. [10:42] Example #2: Voltage unknown
  12. [11:10] Example #3: Current unknown
Lesson Level 2

Ohm's law: Formula, Graph and 3 Easy Examples

Ohmsches Gesetz - linearer Zusammenhang zwischen Strom und Spannung

Here you learn Ohm's law, how it is expressed as a formula and as a graph. We also look at three examples.

Video Level 1

Voltage explained simply in 10 minutes!


Here you will learn what voltage is, how it is generated by charge separation, how a voltage source can be created, and what voltage has to do with current.

Content of the video
  1. [00:00​] Hello there!
  2. [00:48​] Positive and negative electric charge
  3. [02:00​] Charge separation generates voltage
  4. [03:46​] Voltage is energy per charge
  5. [06:21​] Voltage source and electric current
  6. [08:57] Is voltage dangerous?