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Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars...

He needs a lot of money for that. He already has it. But what he really lacks is a bunch of smart people who know a lot about physics and like to think outside the box. I am Alexander FufaeV, your master Yoda of physics and on I will make you one of the best physicists of tomorrow!

With the understanding of the laws of physics, combined with curiosity, creativity and a few other skills, you will become a universal thinker (Ger: Universaldenker). You will be able to...

  • ✅ explain the world
  • ✅ quickly learn and understand other natural sciences
  • ✅ master math as your most important tool
  • ✅ do scientific research
  • ✅ shape the future of our species
  • ✅ become German Chancellor (like Angela Merkel)
  • ✅ fulfill Elon Musk's dream 😎
  • ✅ or become like Elon Musk himself (he also studied physics, by the way).