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Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars...

He needs a lot of money for that. He already has it. But what he really lacks is a bunch of smart people who know a lot about physics and like to think outside the box. I am Alexander FufaeV, your master Yoda of physics and on I will make you one of the best physicists of tomorrow!

With the understanding of the laws of physics, combined with curiosity, creativity and a few other skills, you will become a universal thinker (Ger: Universaldenker). You will be able to...

  • ✅ explain the world
  • ✅ quickly learn and understand other natural sciences
  • ✅ master math as your most important tool
  • ✅ do scientific research
  • ✅ shape the future of our species
  • ✅ become German Chancellor (like Angela Merkel)
  • ✅ fulfill Elon Musk's dream 😎
  • ✅ or become like Elon Musk himself (he also studied physics, by the way).

May the Physics be with You!

Knowledge of a discipline


A course is an ordered learning unit that will take you step-by-step through a comprehensive physics topic so that by the end you will have mastered the subject.

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Specific topic


Lessons cover a specific topic in physics and may also include a video, assignments with solutions, and appropriate derivations and experiments related to the lesson.

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There is a formula for every problem!


Are you looking for the best online physics formula collection with units and descriptions of quantities? Here you can quickly find the right formula for any physics problem.

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What? How? Why?

Questions and answers

Answered specific physics questions. This section is perfect for preparing for an oral exam in physics.

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