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Alexander Fufaev
Project Manager Premium User

Alexander Fufaev mit 30 Jahren

My name is Alexander Fufaev (pronounced: FU-FÁ-YEF) (* June 20, 1992 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan). I am a physicist and the creator of this website. Maybe you already know my YouTube channel "Universaldenker"?

  • I love to make Gedankenexperiments and break conventions.
  • I love tweaking this website!

What am I doing here?

I design and optimize the Universaldenker world; and most importantly write in my free time about physics topics covered in school and college. I also sometimes create videos on my YouTube channel "Universaldenker", draw illustrations, and create other learning materials.

I do all this in my free time and offer all content for free and without ads! So Universaldenker world relies heavily on voluntary donations to exist and thrive. Unfortunately, only a very very small fraction of visitors donate. Please donate at least 2$ if the Universaldenker world has helped you.