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Step by Step to Become a Physics Expert

Before you can become the best physicist, you need to learn the basics of physics. Go through the physics courses below to acquire the basics.
Tool of physics

Basics of mathematics

Here you will learn some important concepts of mathematics that will be helpful to understand physics better.

Introduction to the physics of our everyday life.

Fundamentals of classical mechanics

Here you will learn the meaning of energy, force, momentum, and other physical quantities that you will encounter in all disciplines of physics.

Light taming

Basics of optics

Here you will learn the basics about light as a wave and a ray and how to tame it.

Electromagnetic phenomena and their applications

Basics of electricity and magnetism

Here you will learn the meaning of charges, electric and magnetic fields, voltage and current.

About the microcosm

Fundamentals of quantum physics

Here you will learn all about photons, wave functions and the world of the small.

When classical mechanics fails....

Basics of special theory of relativity

Here you will learn all about time dilation, length contraction and spacetime diagrams.

Great! If you have gone through all the courses, you should now be familiar with the basics of physics. For the next level of knowledge, you must first teach yourself the knowledge of differential and integral calculus as well as vector calculus.

I feel ready for advanced knowledgeShow all courses