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What are the donations used for?

Your donation will be invested exclusively in the project and the working time put into it.

Tools for optimization

  • Some of your money is invested in tools (such as Illustrator and Screaming Frog) to optimize the content and bring it up in Google search results.

Hardware for performance

  • Your donation will pay for domain & server costs. This way the website will never go offline.
  • Part of the investment is used to upgrade the server so that the website loads quickly and reliably.

Working time for more content

  • With your donation, more time will be invested in the project. This means that new content will come more regularly.

All content for free

  • With your donation, the website remains financially independent and is not cluttered with annoying advertising.
  • Your donation keeps all content free without being locked behind a subscription or premium account. This way, even the people who otherwise couldn't afford a premium account can learn cool physics.
  • By donating you are allowed to use all content for your purposes (even commercially).

Ok, I'll donate!