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Level 2 (suitable for students)

Lorentz force simply explained in 6 minutes!

In this video you will learn how to determine the direction of the Lorentz force using left/right hand rule and how this force is calculated and related to the centripetal force.

Content of the video
  1. 00:00 What is Lorentz force?
  2. 00:28 Moving charge perpendicular to the magnetic field
  3. 01:12 Determine Lorentz force direction
  4. 02:40 Lorentz force qvB-equation
  5. 04:12 Movement at an angle to the magnetic field
  6. 04:59 Lorentz and centripetal force
  7. 06:20 Determine velocity of the electron
Level 3 (for advanced students)

Inductive reactance of a coil briefly explained

Learn what inductive reactance is and how to determine it for a coil (inductor) in an AC circuit.

Content of the video
  1. 00:00 What is inductive reactance?
  2. 00:30 Calculate inductive reactance
  3. 01:32 Example
  4. 01:53 RMS current through the coil
Level 2 (suitable for students)

Capacitive reactance of a capacitor briefly explained

In this short video you will learn what the reactance of a capacitor is and how to calculate it.

Content of the video
  1. [00:00] What is the capacitive reactance?
  2. [00:38] Calculate capacitive reactance
  3. [02:01] Example
  4. [02:22] RMS current through the capacitor