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Level 2 (suitable for students)

Ohm's law explained simply in 13 minutes!

Here you will learn how to recognize Ohm's Law in a U-I diagram and how to apply the associated URI formula. Three examples are covered.

Content of the video
  1. [00:00] Hello there!
  2. [00:44] The 1st ingredient: Voltage
  3. [01:30] The 2nd ingredient: Electrical conductor
  4. [01:57] The 3rd ingredient: Electric current
  5. [03:28] Data points and Ohm's law as a graph
  6. [05:58] Ohmic conductors
  7. [06:44] Slope of the graph
  8. [07:52] Ohm's law as a formula
  9. [10:10] Electrical resistance
  10. [10:16] Example #1: Resistance unknown
  11. [10:42] Example #2: Voltage unknown
  12. [11:10] Example #3: Current unknown
Level 2 (suitable for students)

Electricity and magnetism

Here you will learn the basics of electromagnetism. Interaction between electric charges and the effect of the magnetic field.

    Level 1 (suitable for all)

    Voltage explained simply in 10 minutes!

    Here you will learn what voltage is, how it is generated by charge separation, how a voltage source can be created, and what voltage has to do with current.

    Content of the video
    1. [00:00​] Hello there!
    2. [00:48​] Positive and negative electric charge
    3. [02:00​] Charge separation generates voltage
    4. [03:46​] Voltage is energy per charge
    5. [06:21​] Voltage source and electric current
    6. [08:57] Is voltage dangerous?