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Level 1 (suitable for all)

Electric Current explained simply in 7 minutes!

In this video you will learn the basics of the electric current, i.e. the definition, its physical meaning and unit.⠀

Content of the video
  1. ⏲ [00:25] Electric charges
  2. ⏲ [02:11] What causes the electric current?
  3. ⏲ [03:42] Formula + unit of electric current
  4. ⏲ [05:43] Is one ampere a large current?
  5. ⏲ [06:44] Summary
Exercise with solution
Level 2 (suitable for students)

Charge in a thundercloud

The exercise teaches you how to calculate the charge of a thundercloud using the capacitance and E-field in the plate capacitor.

Level 3 (for advanced students)

The 4 Maxwell's Equations: Important Basics You Need to Know

Simple explanation of the Maxwell's equations for beginners. The divergence integral and the curl integral theorems are also explained.