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Formula Bohr Magneton

Formula: Bohr Magneton
Circular current generates magnetic dipole moment
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Bohr magneton

Magnitude of the magnetic dipole moment generated by an electron with orbital angular momentum quantum number \( l ~=~ 1 \) due to its orbital angular momentum.

Electron mass

Electron mass is a physical constant and has the value: \( m_{\text e} ~=~ 9.109 \,\cdot\, 10^{-31} \, \text{kg} \).

Elementary charge

The elementary charge is a physical constant and is the smallest, freely existing electric charge in our universe. It has the exact value:$$ e ~=~ 1.602 \, 176 \, 634 ~\cdot~ 10^{-19} \, \mathrm{C} $$

Reduced Planck's constant

Reduced Planck's constant is a physical constant (of quantum mechanics) and has the value: \( \hbar ~=~ \frac{h}{2\pi} ~=~ 1.054 \,\cdot\, 10^{-34} \, \text{Js} \).