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Formula Rydberg energy formula for H atom Binding energy    Quantum number

Formula: Rydberg energy formula for H atom
Hydrogen atom - term diagram (energy levels)

Binding energy

Energy required to knock an electron, which is in the \( n \)-th state, out of the hydrogen atom. For example, the binding energy of the electron in the ground state is \( n = 1 \): \( 13.6 \, \mathrm{eV} \).

Quantum number

Principal quantum number is an integer indicating an energy level of the H atom. The electron in the H atom can occupy this energy state, which is characterized by \(n\).

Here is:

  • \( n = 1 \) is the ground state.
  • \( n = 2 \) is the first excited state.
  • \( n = 3 \) is the second excited state.
  • and so on...