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Formula Horizontal throw Throw distance    Initial speed    Initial height   

Formula: Horizontal throw
Horizontal throw - trajectory curve with initial height and speed
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Throw distance

The throw distance (generally: flight distance) is the distance from the throw/launch point to the place where the body lands on the ground. We can also replace the root term in the formula with the flight duration \( t_{\text d} \):\[ w ~=~ v_0 \, t_{\text d} \]

Initial speed

This is the speed in horizontal direction with which a body is thrown / launched.

Initial height

Initial height is the distance from the throwing/launching position to the ground.

Gravitational acceleration

Gravitational acceleration is a constant acceleration experienced by all freely falling bodies near the ground. It has the value:$$ g ~=~ 9.8 \, \frac{\mathrm m}{\mathrm{s}^2} $$