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Formula Parallel Circuit of Capacitors Voltage    Individual voltages

Formula: Parallel Circuit of Capacitors
Parallel connection of two capacitors


The voltage of capacitors connected in parallel is the same on all capacitors.

Let us consider a parallel circuit of three capacitors. If the voltage \( U_1 = 200 \, \mathrm{V} \) is across the first capacitor at time \(t\), then the voltage across all the other capacitors will have the same value: $$ U ~=~ U_1 ~=~ U_2 ~=~ U_3 ~=~ 200 \, \mathrm{V} $$

Individual voltages

  • \(U_1\) is the voltage at the first capacitor.
  • \(U_2\) is the voltage at the second capacitor.
  • \(U_3\) is the voltage at the third capacitor.
  • And so on...