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Formula Specific Gas Constant Mass    Boltzmann Constant

Formula: Specific Gas Constant
Isobaric, Isochoric, Isothermal and Adiabatic Process on the p-V Diagram

Specific gas constant

The specific gas constant depends on the gas under consideration and, by definition, gives the ratio of the molar gas constant \(R\) to the molar mass \(M_{\text n}\) of a gas.

GasSpecific gas constant \(R_{\text s}\)
Helium (He)\( 2077.1 \, \frac{\mathrm J}{ \mathrm{kg}\, \mathrm{K} } \)
Methane (CH4)\( 518.4 \, \frac{\mathrm J}{ \mathrm{kg}\, \mathrm{K} } \)
Nitrogen (N2)\( 296.8 \, \frac{\mathrm J}{ \mathrm{kg}\, \mathrm{K} } \)
Oxygen (O2)\( 259.8 \, \frac{\mathrm J}{ \mathrm{kg}\, \mathrm{K} } \)
Carbon dioxide (CO2)\( 188.9 \, \frac{\mathrm J}{ \mathrm{kg}\, \mathrm{K} } \)


Mass of a gas particle (e.g. a He atom, when dealing with a helium gas).

Boltzmann Constant

Boltzmann constant is a physical constant from many-particle physics and has the following exact value:$$ k_{\text B} ~=~ 1.380 \, 649 ~\cdot~ 10^{-23} \, \frac{\mathrm{J}}{\mathrm{K}} $$