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Formula Poynting Vector Power density    Magnetic field    Electric field   

Formula: Poynting Vector
Poynting Vector

Power density

Poynting vector describes the energy passing through a cross-sectional area per unit time. The Poynting vector is thus a power density.

The cross-sectional area is spanned by \( \boldsymbol{E} \) and \( \boldsymbol{B} \). The Poynting vector is orthogonal to \( \boldsymbol{E} \) and \( \boldsymbol{B} \).

Magnetic field

Magnetic flux density determines the strength of the magnetic field and thus the magnitude of the Poynting vector.

Electric field

The E-field vector indicates the strength of the electric field. The magnitude of the E-field determines the magnitude of the Poynting vector.

Vacuum permeability

The vacuum permeability is a physical constant and has the following experimentally determined value:$$ \mu_0 ~=~ 1.256 \, 637 \, 062 \, 12 ~\cdot~ 10^{-6} \, \frac{\mathrm{Vs}}{\mathrm{Am}} $$