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Formula Solid Sphere (E-Field Outside) Electric charge   

Formula: Solid Sphere (E-Field Outside)
Electric Field Graph (inside / outside) - Solid sphere
Electrically Charged Sphere

Electric field

Radially outward directed electric field at the field point \( r \) outside a homogeneously electrically charged sphere.

Field point

The field point ranges from the center of the sphere to some point outside the sphere where the electric field \( E(r) \) is present.

Electric charge

Electric charge is here the amount of charge that is homogeneously distributed over the entire sphere.

Vacuum Permittivity

Vacuum permittivity occurs in electrical phenomena and is a physical constant with value \( \varepsilon_0 ~=~ 8.854 \,\cdot\, 10^{-12} \, \frac{\text{As}}{\text{Vm}} \).