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Illustration Ohmic Conductor vs. Non-Ohmic Conductor (U-I Graph)

Ohmic Conductor vs. Non-Ohmic Conductor (U-I Graph)
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Two voltage-current graph (\(U\)-\(I\) graph) showing the difference between an Ohmic conductor and a non-ohmic conductor.
  • For an Ohmic conductor, the graph is a straight line. Ohm's law applies to ohmic conductors: \( U ~=~ R \, I\), where the resistance \(R\) (slope) is constant.
  • For a Non-Ohmic conductor, the graph is not a straight line, but some curve. For non-ohmic conductors, the formula \( U ~=~ R \, I\) is also valid, but the resistance \(R\) (slope) is not constant.