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Illustration Magnetic Dipole in a Magnetic Field

Magnetic Dipole in a Magnetic Field
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A (rectangular) loop (here: side view) traversed by the current \(I\) is in an external, homogeneous magnetic field \(B\). Das magnetische Dipolmoment \(\mu\) und das Magnetfeld \(B\) schließen einen Winkel \(\varphi\) ein. The magnetic dipole moment \(\mu\) and the magnetic field \(B\) enclose an angle \(\varphi\). The opposite sides of the rectangular loop experience a magnetic force (Lorentz force) \(F\), resulting in a rotation of the loop. The torque \(M\) points out of the loop surface here (by the right-hand rule). The loop rotates until the dipole moment and the B-field are aligned parallel to each other (pointing in the same direction).