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Illustration Coulomb's Electric Force vs Distance Between the Charges - Graph

Coulomb's Electric Force as a Function of the Distance Between the Charges
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Coulomb's law states that the electric force \( F_{\text E} \) is proportional to \( \frac{1}{r^2} \). This means that if the distance \( r \) between two charges is doubled, the electric force between them becomes FOUR times smaller.

The electric force between charges with the same sign (e.g. proton and proton) has a repulsive effect and is positive. The force between charges with different signs (e.g. proton and electron) has an attractive effect and is negative.

Am Diagramm ist deutlich zu sehen, dass bei kleinen Abständen die Abstoßungskraft bzw. Anziehungskraft SEHR groß wird.