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Illustration E-Field - Continuous Charge Distribution (Surface Charge Density)

E-Field - Continuous Charge Distribution (Surface Charge Density)
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An orthogonal coordinate system in which a continuous two-dimensional charge distribution is drawn with surface charge density \(\sigma(\boldsymbol{r})\). The position vector \(\boldsymbol{r}\) goes from the origin to the location inside the charge distribution within the surface \(A\).

The field position vector \(\boldsymbol{R}\) goes to a field point where the electric field caused by the charge distribution is to be calculated.

Die Verbindungenvektoren \(\boldsymbol{R} - \boldsymbol{r}\) geht dabei von einem Punkt innerhalb der Ladungsverteilung zum betrachteten Feldpunkt. Dieser Verbindungsvektor ist wichtig für die Berechnung des elektrisches Feldes.