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Illustration 7 different worldlines in a Minkowski diagram

7 different world lines in a Minkowski diagram
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A Minkowski diagram (spacetime diagram) in which seven different worldlines (e.g. observers at rest and observers in motion) are drawn in.:

  • Worldline 1 - this body moves to the left with constant speed.
  • Worldline 2 - this body is at rest at a certain position.
  • Worldline 3 - this body moves with constant speed away from the body 2. It moves to the right.
  • Worldline 4 - this body moves with the same speed as the body with worldline 3. It moves to the right with a fixed distance to worldline 3.
  • Worldline 5 - this body is quite fast and accelerates almost to the speed of light. At the event S it meets the body 6.
  • Worldline 6 - this body flies almost at the speed of light and slows down until it eventually stops.
  • Worldline 7 - this body swings back and forth from right to left.