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Illustration Magnetization Amplifies External Magnetic Field (Paramagnetism)

Magnetization Amplifies External Magnetic Field (Paramagnetism)
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In paramagnetic materials, the external magnetic field \(\boldsymbol{B}\) is amplified by the magnetization \(\boldsymbol{M}\) of the material, so that the internal magnetic field \(\boldsymbol{B}_{\text i}\), i.e. the magnetic field within the material is greater:$$ \boldsymbol{B}_{\text i} = \boldsymbol{B} + \mu_0 \, \boldsymbol{M} $$

The magnetic susceptibility \( \chi \) is positive in the case of paramagnetism:$$ \boldsymbol{B}_{\text i} = \boldsymbol{B} + \chi \, \boldsymbol{B} $$