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About the project

Here I'll tell you a bit about Universaldenker World, how it was born, where it's hosted what software I use and so on....

Some facts

  1. The original page is in German. Very early there were mainly my poems, diary entries, philosophy and other stuff. That's how the German name "Universaldenker" [Universal thinker(s)] was originally created and has remained until now.
  2. The German YouTube channel exists for a very long time, namely since 2012. There were not only physics videos to watch, but also philosophical videos, recited poems, and funnier formats like "Poet vs. Scientist: What is Love?" Hence the name "Universaldenker".
  3. My girlfriend. helped me to invent the Universaldenker's logo.
  4. The Universaldenker World is visited by approximately 120 thousand people per month.

Software I use to create content

  • Drawing and animating images: Adobe Illustrator and SVGator
  • Creating videos: Adobe Premiere

Technical details

  • Main domain:
    A long time ago "" and then ""
  • Content Management System: Drupal
    Since 2020. Before that, the Universaldenker World was on Russian CMS Ucoz. (Alexander's profile on Drupal.)
  • Hosting: IONOS
    If you are also planning to build a website, we can both get a 150 Euro bonus from IONOS via this link.
  • Software Development Plattform: GitLab