Physics lessons

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Lesson Level 3

Schrödinger Equation and The Wave Function

Betragsquadrat einer Wellenfunktion (Beispiel)

In this lesson you will learn about the Schrödinger equation, where it comes from and what you can do with it.

Lesson Level 3

Differential equations (DEQ): Important basics + 4 solving methods

Differentialgleichungen - Klassifizierung

Here you will learn the basics of differential equations (DGL), what types there are (ordinary, partial, linear, homogeneous) and 4 solving methods (separation of variables, variation of constants, exponential and separation ansatz).

Lesson Level 2

Ohm's law: Formula, Graph and 3 Easy Examples

Ohmsches Gesetz - linearer Zusammenhang zwischen Strom und Spannung

Here you learn Ohm's law, how it is expressed as a formula and as a graph. We also look at three examples.

Lesson Level 3

The 4 Maxwell's Equations in Vacuum

Elektrischer Fluss - Skalarprodukt von Flächenorthogonalvektor und E-Feld

Simple explanation of the Maxwell's equations for beginners. The divergence integral and the curl integral theorems are also explained.

Lesson Level 3

Kronecker delta: How to write scalar product in index notation

Orthonormale Basisvektoren - kartesisches Koordinatensystem

Here you learn everything about Kronecker-Delta! Including 4 calculation rules with Einstein's summation convention, typical mistakes and more.

Lesson Level 1

Voltage explained simply

Voltage between minus and plus pole

Here you will learn what voltage is, how it is generated by charge separation, how a voltage source can be created, and what voltage has to do with current.