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Here you will learn the laws of motion of bodies (e.g. particles, cars, planets) under the influence of mechanical forces. Master the power to predict the future location and state of these bodies - whether the body is particle-like or wave-like.
Level 3 (with higher mathematics)

Euler-Lagrange Equation

In this physics video on analytical mechanics you will learn what the Euler-Lagrange equation is good for and how to use it (+ example).

Content of the video
  1. 00:00 Why all this?
  2. 00:52 Action Functional
  3. 01:53 Nature is extemal
  4. 02:44 Calculate the action
  5. 03:52 Structure of the Euler-Lagrange equation
  6. 05:20 Lagrange function
  7. 05:54 How to use Euler-Lagrange equation

Christoffel Symbols (without Torsion)