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Level 2 (suitable for students)

Fundamentals of optics

Here you will learn the basics of geometrical and wave optics. With this you can describe the behavior of light of our everyday life.

    Level 2 (suitable for students)

    Classical Double-Slit Experiment explained simply in 16 minutes!

    In this video, Young's double-slit experiment with light is explained in a simple way. How the interference pattern of the double-slit is formed and which role light diffraction plays.

    Content of the video
    1. ⏲ [00:12] A bit of history
    2. ⏲ [02:13] Setup + observation
    3. ⏲ [03:43] Interference and wave path difference
    4. ⏲ [05:26] Interference pattern explained
    5. ⏲ [11:23] Derivation (formula for wavelength)