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Alexander Fufaev

Alexander Fufaev mit 30 Jahren und Bart

My name is Alexander Fufaev (pronounced: FU-FÁ-YEF) (* June 20, 1992 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan). I am a physicist and the creator of this website. Maybe you already know my YouTube channel "Universaldenker"?

What I can do for you:
✅ Create physics video (Watch video examples)
✅ Create physics illustrations (View illustration examples)
✅ Create physics texts (View text examples)
✅ Make advertising for you
Send me your offer by contact form.

About me:

  • I love to make Gedankenexperiments and break conventions.
  • I love tweaking this website!
  • I think a lot in pictures.
  • I like to dance to loud music.
  • I am rather an introvert, but I can also be very extroverted when giving well-prepared presentations or when dancing.
  • After too much social interaction (with strangers), I need my rest to recharge.
  • I do karate. OSS
  • I am a vegetarian (almost vegan)
  • I like horror movies with ghosts.
  • I'm not so good at small talk.
  • I love deep talks, e.g. about feelings.
  • I am able to question and change my worldview, beliefs, etc.
  • I cry during sad movies.
  • I was born in Uzbekistan.
  • I spent my youth in Russia.
  • I live in Germany.
  • I don't feel I belong to any nation.

Support me and the project:
There are many ways you can help the project and me.

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