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Support project

Cool that you landed on this page! Here you can find different ways how you can support the project.

Option #1: Donate

You can donate via PayPal, credit card or IBAN. You can donate any amount. To do so, talk to Mr. Burns below or click this button.

Option #2: Universaldenker-Style

Cool t-shirts, hoodies, caps, phone cases and mugs for physicists and physics lovers in a sleek, unique Universaldenker Style. Perfect for flexing or as a gift.

Option #3: Subscribe to YouTube channel

Subscribe to my English Physics YouTube-Channel. For cool smileys, icons and other benefits, become a member.

Option #4: Shop on Amazon with TAG

If you plan to buy anything on Amazon, add the tag "universaldenker-20" as a parameter to the URL of the product. In this way, Universaldenkerwelt will get a small commission from Amazon through your purchase. Let's say you want to buy a book on Amazon. In the URL bar you see for example the following link:

Delete everything after the first question mark (in red) and add the following (in green) to the link instead:

Done! You can now buy the product and support the project.

Option #5: Answer questions

Join the community on Discord and answer physics questions there.

Option #6: Report mistakes

Go through different content and report all possible mistakes either in the respective feedback form or via the contact page. Technical bugs and suggestions for improvement are also welcome.

Option #7: Share the content

Whether you are a teacher or a student. Share physics content with others if you think the content is very good.