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Alexander Fufaev

Physics Video Lectures

Here you will find 29 free physics video lectures. These are also great for use at school and university. Do you need a Universaldenker style physics video on a specific topic? Then you can order a physics video.
Level 3 (with higher mathematics)

Inductive reactance of a coil briefly explained

Learn what inductive reactance is and how to determine it for a coil (inductor) in an AC circuit.

Content of the video
  1. 00:00 What is inductive reactance?
  2. 00:30 Calculate inductive reactance
  3. 01:32 Example
  4. 01:53 RMS current through the coil
Level 2 (without higher mathematics)

Capacitive reactance of a capacitor briefly explained

In this short video you will learn what the reactance of a capacitor is and how to calculate it.

Content of the video
  1. [00:00] What is the capacitive reactance?
  2. [00:38] Calculate capacitive reactance
  3. [02:01] Example
  4. [02:22] RMS current through the capacitor
Level 2 (without higher mathematics)

De-Broglie Wavelength And The Wave-Like Matter

Here you will learn about de Broglie wavelength (matter wavelength), its derivation, an example and how de Broglie wavelength can be expressed with voltage.

Content of the video
  1. [00:00] Wave-particle duality
  2. [00:46] Derivation of the De Broglie wavelength
  3. [02:40] Example
  4. [03:35] De Broglie wavelength using voltage
Level 2 (without higher mathematics)

Mass Spectrometry. The Basic Principle.

In this physics video, you will learn how a mass spectrometer is constructed and how you can use it to determine the mass of charged particles.

Content of the video
  1. [00:00] Introduction
  2. [00:25] Velocity selector (electric & magnetic force).
  3. [03:20] Derive velocity of particle
  4. [04:24] Derive mass formula
  5. [06:25] Specific charge, neutrons and facts